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Stylish side table styling


Side tables are some of the most functional and practical pieces of furniture in our home. Used to carry anything from our TV remotes (somehow I always end up with a plethora of these!), tissue boxes, or even be a place to rest or favourite coffee cup when its that time of the day. Yet, people struggle with ways to make these pieces both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


What if I told you that I had a simple solution to combine these two needs?


Here are five tips to dress a side table, no matter the size or style:

  1. Use stylish boxes to hide things like your remotes. If you have enough space, you could even stack two on top of each other

  2. Choose a vase  with or without florals for some height and colour. If you are more of a plant person, opt for a small potted plant

  3. Add a stack of coasters. These are functional and will add another element of texture to the space

  4. Add a focal piece that stands out- check out the silver mantle clock I’ve used below

  5. keep it simple – don’t over clutter the space!



Remember that our style is ever evolving and so we should be open to the idea of changing things up as our taste changes.




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Happy styling!

Marie-Anne xx


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