My top 3 interior design books.

My top 3 interior design books.

Lately I have been getting a few questions about what books I have on my coffee table (you may have seen them on some of my Instagram stories). So I have decided to share this with you all, in hopes that these fabulous books will inspire you!

Here are my top 3 must have interior design books

  1. Belle, Beautiful Australian homes
  2. Design Remix, Corey Damen Jenkins
  3. Elements of Style , Erin Gates


Lets have a look at the first one- just like the title says, the pages are filled with beautiful Australian homes. The book features collections from different interior designers in a range of styes.


The next book is my go-to inspo book. He is truly a master of interior design. His spaces are bold, opulent and just so creative. The book even features pages of his sketches. Here are some of my favourite pages from the book- I couldn’t pick just one.

 Haus of Bazar | Sydney | interior design books


The last book is by the very talented Erin Gates- I have actually had this book for so long, the cover turned yellow.  I love her books because they are so practical for anyone to pick up and learn about interiors. She even has pages where she shows examples of different furniture items for each style.

 Haus of Bazar | Sydney | Interior design books

Would love to hear what some of your fav coffee table books are at the moment… they could be about travel, florals and plants or even a good cook book! Mmmm now I’m hungry!


Happy reading,

Marie-Anne xx


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